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Jongoal Information

Jongoal is a high-tech company specialized in filtration equipment and water pumps, including research and development, production and sales。 Established in 1982, Jongoal has gained a good reputation for the diversity, flexibility and high-quality of its products。 Jongoal is also well-known for meeting the specific needs of different customers with tailor-made products。

Exploring new technology, pursuing excellent quality, providing the customers with quality service and creating the staff with enough development space are our long-term and unchangeable ideas。 Jongoal is always working for a cleaner, safer and better living environment。 It is also devoted to become a respected and successful company with high quality products and service。

General Manager:Xiaolong Qiang

About Jongoal

Wuxi Jongoal Machinery Co.,Ltd

Founded      August 20th, 1982

Registered Capital     Five Million Yuan (RMB)


Shenghong Ni,Chairman

Jonny Qiang,General Manager


36 men and 12 women

Total 48 persons

Trading banks

Bank of China(Yangshi Branch)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(Wuxi Branch)


China Surface Engineering Association

Society of Automotive Engineers of China

China Association of The National Shipbuilding Industry(CANSI)


Industrial filter system


Other equipments


1982  Wuxi Honghu Agricultural Machinery Plant was founded, and made the first bag filter housing。

1988  Wuxi Static Dust Removal Equipment Factory and Wuxi Chemical Equipment Factory were established.

1990  Wuxi Yangshi Tongyong Environment Equipment Factory was founded.

2002  Wuxi Start Environment Protection Co., Ltd as sales company was founded. 

2004  Wuxi Eiwa Environment Equipment Co., Ltd was established. 

2005  Pumps were put into production according to customers’ demands in Eiwa。

2011  Wuxi Yangshi Tongyong Environment Equipment Factory was renamed Wuxi Jongoal Machinery Co。,Ltd。

TEL:0086(510) 83568300  


Direct communication MATTERS to us.

We like to have direct communications with you wherever you like. The service life of our filter equipment has been doubled and our production capacity has been increased by 50%. -- All thanks to your suggestions and opinions.

What makes JONGOAL out of the ordinary?

Step by step, Jongoal has become one of the largest filter equipment producers in China. We’ve been doing a lot of investment in technology and talents all through these years, which we’re sure is the key to provide high quality products and services. Here Jongoal makes the following commitment:

Our large and professional sales team will solve any problems for you whenever you need.

We have many agencies in China, you can chose the nearest one to get the service efficiently. 

Our quality supervision and inspection is strict and throughout the whole production process, because we run the factories by ourselves.


We’re proud to say that our quality ranks second to none. Even if you need something which is not in our product catalogues, please free to let us know. We’re capable of designing and manufacturing the specific product just for you.

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