Construction engineering

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The construction and engineering companies worldwide are facing challenges such as higher material costs, natural resources protection and needs for more advanced automation technology. Jongoal provides the construction companies with innovative solutions for civil, commercial, institutional, government, and industrial projects. With our close cooperation with the key stakeholders and our professional knowledge and experience in water, fire, heating and other fields, Jongoal can bring long-term value for the owners.

Jongoal is always providing the fluid, water treatment and environmental management applications for the overall development of infrastructure projects, design, installation and maintenance

We supply

  >   To improve the water-saving capacity of the commercial facilities with advanced circulating water system 

  >   For fire and HVAC pumps

  >   Full set of drainage, waste water and sewage pump

  >   Full set of drainage, waste water and sewage pumps for the removal and discharge of waste water from such as swimming pools, water features and fountains

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