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Jongoal provides our global customers inchemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry with strong support to achieve higher efficiency, security and sustainable development。

Jongoal develops and sells high quality products and service solutions of the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, which can significantly reduce spending and total holding costs。 We have an experienced technical team who can handle almost all the special applications in the chemical and petrochemical fields。 Our separation technology and the fluid flow control operation will do a great help in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processing facilities and processes。 Through the close cooperation with customers and key technology holder, we are able to help customers to open new markets, to develop new process technology。

Jongoal is committed to help our customers to achieve a more secure, more efficient and more successful business model。 With our worldwide experience and product lines, we can design the chemical and petrochemical processing facilities to meet any unique needs 。 

We Supply

  > The separation system can filter excess fluid and particles of the key process, minimize pollution, make the system more reliable, and double the production capacity and reduce the maintenance costs and energy consumption.

  >Water and wastewater treatment and pumping technology are to achieve the best performance。

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