Food and beverage

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Global food and beverage companies are facing fierce competition, strict hygiene standards and rising production costs and other challenges. Jongoal offers a range of food and beverage applications to optimize the productivity, which can also meet the key requirements of the quality, innovation, health and safety aspects.

From the processing of raw materials to production of finished products。 Jongoal's filtering and processing, a pump to send solutions in food processing, beverage and beer, dairy products and sugar industry are widely used。 With a wide range of product lines and rich experiences, we can design a system that meets customers’ unique needs for these facilities。

We supply

  >   Terminal solutions for a variety of products and services, to improve water efficiency and reduce energy consumption

  >  Production process and wastewater treatment system, to meet the requirements of the environment, regulatory and planning system

  >   Water treatment equipment and wastewater treatment systems to assist in the safe disposal of waste water

  >   Solid collection and waste treatment systems, to assist in handling of the extract and the safe disposal of waste products

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