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Jongoal’s technology can enhance and improve many industrial facilities’ performance of each process. Jongoal's systems of pump, filtration, fluid, control, and separation can provide support and maintenance for the key process of industrial application.

Jongoal has a wide range of products for all kinds of applications in the industrial market. We offer plan management for global industrial markets such as car, material handling, packaging, and machine tools and others, to improve their production capacity. We can also provide protection for important industrial and electronic equipment.

We Supply

  Filtering and processing solutions

  >   Water and wastewater treatment solutions

  >   Filtration and separation systems of water and other high performance fluid 

  >   Car coating filtration system, trash, phosphating treatment, silane treatment, paint slag treatment, etc.

  Fluid control and management scheme

  >  Isolation and fluid control solutions

  >  Fluid supply and disposal solutions

  >  Stress management solutions

  >  Fire control solutions

  >  Flood control solutions

  >  Fluid safety solutions

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