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Jongoal has always been a leader in the field of urban water and has won the trust of various industry partners for a long time. 

Jongoal can help municipal treatment facilities to transform all kinds of waste water into clean and safe water for multiple uses。 We can carry out water pretreatment in the vicinity of the water source, and recycle the waste water more efficiently in the community。 With the expansion of the city and the factory area and the higher water quality requirement of the  wastewater treatment, it is necessary to have smaller wastewater treatment plants。 Jongoal's water recycling solutions are designed to meet these needs。

In municipal applications, we also provide worldwide recognized flood control and groundwater monitoring solutions that can help the community to protect the residence, property and important resources effectively. Our wide range of product line including pumps, filters, filter presses makes water circulation much more efficient, safe and reliable. It also helps the municipal users to solve the problem of global water shortage.

We supply

  >   Water supply & drainage

  >   Water recycling solutions

  >   Water treatment and drinking water solutions

  >   Waste water treatment solutions

  >   Irrigation solutions

  >   Water storage solutions

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